Improve Your Upper Body Flexibility By Doing These Arm Stretches At Home

(Quotes Rachel Tavel, written by Mallory Creveling) Stretching feels oh-so-soothing post-workout or even after sitting on your butt all day. Finding the perfect pose that seems to ease just the right tight spot can instantly calm the mind and offer a deep sigh of physical relief. That’s especially true when you score a sweet upper-body stretch that opens the chest and counteracts our typically hunched-over stance.

How an Indoor Rowing Workout Can Transform Your Body — Trust Me, I’m a Rower

With all the workout options available these days, it can be hard to choose just one way to sweat. Some workouts are great for getting your heart rate up, while others provide a good way to tone and strengthen your muscles. But what if there was one full-body workout that did it all? Rowing. It’s one of the best, most complete, full-body workouts that a person can do — and yet so many people have yet to try it because it’s not super easy. R

How Group Fitness Workouts Can Make You Stronger

Life is busy. Between work, family, and running your household, it can be hard to cram in a workout and see your friends, let alone have the chance to make new ones. There is plenty of pressure to get it all done, but it's tough to be strong and fit and social. Group fitness classes give you the chance to change all that. But group workouts are so much more than catching up or making connections over push ups. Once you drop into that class environment, you might work harder and better than you did alone.
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