5 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises That Will Protect You From Injury

Your shoulders are probably not the first body part you think about strengthening when running is your go-to sport, but you might want to rethink that. The muscles around the shoulder, including the four rotator cuff muscles, are important for all of us runners, as they affect your arm swing. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles can contribute to improved running form as well as stronger shoulders, which you’ll definitely want for planks or cross-training workouts that you’re doing (or know you should be doing).

How You Can Use Tai Chi to Get Even Stronger

When most people think of tai chi (short for “T’ai Chi Ch’üan”) they usually imagine a group of older people moving in slow motion in a public park. But this ancient movement practice is not just for the 65-plus crowd. Tai chi has many for people at any age, according to , like reducing stress, improving strength and balance, and reducing the likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and chronic pain.

Switch Up Your Boring Plank With These 6 Ab-Smashing Variations

By now, most people know that planks are good for you. The one simple position can help you tone and strengthen your abdominal, shoulder, arm, and hip muscles. The name “plank” itself comes from the idea of a plank of wood or wooden board—a hard, solid structure that has no moving parts and can support a heavy load when positioned properly. Our bodies can take on forces from all different directions, and they also need to be able to move, but also stabilize when hit with unexpected force.

Common Causes of Running-Related Ankle Pain (and How to Fix Them)

It usually goes something like this: You take some time off of running, or maybe you are just getting started for the first time, and you decide to get back out there. You’re motivated, and your intentions are good, so you pledge to get out there every day. First, you walk a little. Then you walk-run. Then you’re full-on running! You’re feeling great. You’re optimistic. And boom—you start feeling pain in your ankles.

Sick of Situps? Stand Up for These 6 Abs Workouts.

When people think about core exercises, they usually imagine exercises that begin in the supine position, or lying on your back. There are some very effective core moves that begin in this position, but they aren’t the only ones that can help you get the abs you want. Bust out of your exercise funk and challenge your abdominal muscles (all of them) by breaking out these hanging and standing variations of the traditional “core” routine.

Try These 7 Stretches to Relieve Upper Back Pain

Let’s face it: Our bodies' design and the way we use them aren’t always compatible. Our constant computer and phone use means that your head and eyes tend to be tilted downwards more than you want to admit, and definitely more than you probably realize. This forward, downward head position (aka "tech neck") can take a serious toll on your body, leading to neck stiffness, upper and lower back pain, and even headaches.

How to Know When It’s Safe to Run Through Knee Pain and When You Need to Stop

Of all the aches and pains that can plague runners , knee pain is one of the most common. As a doctor of physical therapy, patients often ask me when it’s OK to run with knee pain and when running through it could lead to a worse injury. As a runner myself, I’m guilty of running with knee pain when I should probably be taking a break. If you’re anything like me, it takes a significant amount of pain to actually get you to stop running, but the truth is, that’s not always the best approach.

Pull Your Groin? Here's How to Treat It.

It's one of the most uncomfortable moments you can have in the gym: An awkward landing, a pop, and the painful sensation that prevents you from squatting, running, and even walking normally. You've strained your groin — but do you really understand how or why you'll want to ice around your junk for the foreseeable future? Groin strains are among the most common type of muscle strain, but they can be particularly annoying due to their location.

5 Moves That Can Help You Stop Your Tension Headaches

Unfortunately, the phenomenon is quite common. Just about everyone experiences headaches at some point in their life, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 1 in 20 adults has a headache almost every day . But what exactly is a headache? Loosely defined, a headache is any kind of pain in the head, but it can also include pain in the face or neck. There are more than , if you want to get specific, varying in intensity, location, duration, and origin.

5 Simple Yoga Poses To Improve Your Heaviest Lifts

If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t associate yoga with the weight room. But you may be surprised how much a few simple yoga poses can seriously improve your overhead lifting technique, improve your postural alignment, and protect your shoulders and back from injury. Yoga began in India circa 3000 B.C. as a practice to find harmony between mind and body. In the thousands of years since then, the exercise has evolved and branched into many new styles that can benefit just about everyone.
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